Resources for Businesses

Do I need any permits or approvals from the City to open a business in Norwich?

Yes: Depending on the type of business and the location there may be several departments that require review or an application.

 Below is a general list of permits and reviews by departments:


  • Zoning Permit followed by A Certificate of Zoning Compliance to establish the use within any building or on any parcel of land.
  • Sign Permit

 Building Department:

  • Possible change of use (Code Upgrades May Be Required)
  • Interior or exterior alterations or modifications
  • Mechanical and lighting upgrades
  • Signs

 Fire Marshal:

  • Review of all commercial activity
  • Possible change of use (Code Upgrades May Be Required)

 UNCAS Health District:

  • Food Service (dining restaurants and take out)
  • Hair and Nail Salons
  • Grocery Stores

 Norwich Public Utilities:

  • Reviews to insure the existing services are sufficient to support a proposed use and ensures all accounts are associated with the correct parties and any applicable connection fees are paid.
  • Provide information on energy saving programs they may have that will help the applicants moving forward with buildouts and utility upgrades

 City Clerk:

  • File a trade name certificate

The City of Norwich is committed to assisting any existing, prospective, or new business in being successful. The City has a coordinators team consisting of representatives for each of the departments listed above, including the Planning Department and City Engineering / Public Works.

 The team will meet onsite with prospective business owners, tenants, and landlords to discuss your plans so that we may get a good understanding of the proposal so that we can help guide you through the process and assist you in being successful right from the beginning.

To schedule a coordinators meeting, don’t hesitate to contact the Planning and Neighborhood Services Department (860) 823-3745 or The Norwich Community Development Corporation (NCDC) at (860) 887-6964.