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Norwich Zoning Ordinances are established by the City Council, which acts as the zoning authority for the city. The zoning ordinance is administrated by the Department of Planning and, in part, regulates the location and use of buildings and structures.PDF version of current zoning regulations are available.

Each Zoning District has its own set of setback requirements as outlined within the regulations. In accordance with Connecticut Statutes a zoning permit must be issued prior to a building permit, unless the Zoning Enforcement Officer has determined the proposal does not require zoning approval or review.

Zoning Regulations

Zoning Permit Application

The Zoning Permit Application must be completed and submitted with, as required, a survey, plot plan, or engineered site plan. Incomplete applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

At a minimum, the application must include:

  • Dimensions of the lot
  • Location and dimensions of all existing or proposed structures
  • Distances from the property boundaries to the structures (existing or proposed)
  • Location of any on-site septic system or well

If there is a question relative to wetland or watercourse resources on or adjacent to the property, a letter from a certified soil scientist licensed in the State of Connecticut may be required. If a determination is made that such resources exist and an Inland Wetlands permit will be required, your application may be returned until such time as an inland wetlands permit is obtained.

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Please Note: Additional information may be required by the City of Norwich to make a proper determination relative to the issuance of a permit. The responsibility of providing this information rests with the applicant and/or his agents.