School Building Committee (2020)     

Adopted by Resolution January 21, 2020. Members are appointed by the City Council to undertake a school building project(s)

Members Party                                     Term Expires on
Council Representatives  
Stacy Gould R                                              12/1/25
Joseph A. DeLucia  D                                              12/1/25
Board of Education Representatives  
Mark Kulos D                                              12/1/25
Christine Distasio R                                              12/1/25
Public Members  
Gregory Ballasi R                                               1/21/24
William Hull
D                                               1/21/24
Shiela Hayes D                                               12/1/25
Peter Gauthier D                                               1/21/24
Gregory Carabine, Construction Experience U                                               1/21/24
Mark M Bettencourt D                                               12/1/25
Cindy Beauregard U                                               1/21/24
Ex-Officio Members   
Bender, Jamie Director of Student Services & Special Education
Driscoll, Michael Corporation Counsel
LaRose, Chris General Manager, NPU
McLaughlin, Pat Director of Public Works
Nystrom, Peter Mayor
Pothier, Josh Comptroller 
  Superintendent of Schools 
Salomone, John City Manager
  Assistant Superintendent of Schools 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Until approved, meeting minutes are drafts and subject to correction by the body for which they were prepared. Minutes are typically approved at the body’s next regular meeting.

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2020-10-27 Addendum to School Facilities Review Committee (2018) Final Report Aug. 2019

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