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Apothecary Shop/ Joshua Lathrop House


  1. Benedict Arnold Walking Trail
  2. Listed on National Register of Historic Places
Joshua Lathrop was born in 1723 to his parents Thomas and Lydia (Abel) Lathrop. Joshua Lathrop graduated from Yale in 1743 and with his brother Daniel; they opened the first apothecary shop in Connecticut and the first one between Boston and New York; which was torn down in 1893.

In 1748, Lathrop married Hannah Gardiner, who was the daughter of David and Rachel (Schellinx) Gardiner of Gardiner’s Island. Unfortunately, she died in 1760 and in 1761 he married Mercy Eels, daughter of Rev. Nethaniel and Mercy (Cushing) Eels of Stonington.

In 1776, the apothecary firm in Norwich changed to Lathrops & Coit when their nephew Joseph joined the business. However, the new title only stayed until 1779 with the death of Joseph Coit Jr. In 1790, Dr. Joshua Lathrop began a cotton manufacturing venture in a building near the apothecary shop with six Jennies, a one-carding machine and six looms.

The business changed its name to Lathrop & Eells in 1793, but the business didn’t produce enough profits so after eight or ten years it was discontinued. Joshua Lathrop died in 1807 at the age of 84 and was the last man of his generation to wear a white wig.