Fire Safety Code Inspections

Multi-Family and Apartment Building Inspections

Connecticut General Statute Section 29-305 gives a Fire Marshal or his designees the authority to inspect dwelling units between the hours of 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (with tenants' permission).

Connecticut law allows tenant to grant approval to inspect any part of the building to which the Tenant has access.

The Landlord cannot grant access to a Tenant's dwelling unit without the Tenants' permission.

What to Expect During a Fire Safety Code Inspection 

The Fire Marshal will inspect for:

  • Means of Egress (exiting) / Number of exits
  • Smoke detection, alarms and communication systems
  • Exit and interior doors
  • Stairs, ramps and railings
  • Fire escapes
  • Areas of refuge
  • Fire separation / Fire protection / Interior finishes
  • Emergency lighting / Egress illumination
  • Exit lighting
  • Fuel burning appliances
  • Sprinkler systems (where applicable)
  • Storage areas such as basements and attics