Description of Detective Division Activities

The Norwich Police Departments Detective Division is responsible for investigating serious criminal offenses including but not limited to homicides, sexual assaults, serious assaults, serious larcenies, burglaries, fraud investigations, and narcotics / vice investigations.

The division is comprised of eight specially trained officers and are supervised by a sergeant and division lieutenant. The following is a list of specialized units within the Norwich Police Detective Division.

  • Cold Case Homicide / Missing Person Unit
  • Financial Crimes / Fraud Unit
    • Investigation of criminal offenses involving forgeries, check cases, credit card offenses, bunco-fraud schemes, embezzlement, computer crimes, and elder fiduciary abuse cases.
  • Juvenile Unit
    • The Juvenile Unit within the Detective Division conducts investigations of child abuse such as; sexual molestation, child neglect, and child exploitation. The Juvenile Unit also works side by side with the Department of Children and Families Services and the Juvenile Courts to ensure juveniles and their families get the attention they need.
  • Narcotics / Vice Unit
    • With a focus on narcotic and vice-related investigations, the Narcotics / Vice Section strives to enhance the quality of life in the City of Norwich. The unit actively pursues these investigations with an emphasis on targeting those responsible for supplying and distributing illicit drugs to our community.
    • Various investigative techniques are used and adapted to adjust for the changing trends in supply and distribution techniques. The Narcotics / Vice Unit is comprised of three detectives. Additionally, two officers are assigned to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms task force, and one officer is assigned to the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force.
  • Polygraph Unit
    • The purpose of the Polygraph Unit is to test the veracity and truthfulness of suspects to assist in criminal investigations as well as to conduct law enforcement pre-employment examinations.
    • The unit is comprised of two polygraph examiners trained and certified in physiological detection of deception.
    • The Polygraph Unit conducts polygraph examinations for both the Norwich Police Department as well as other agencies in the assistance of criminal investigations and pre-employment processes.