This function is done by the comptroller and deputy comptroller. They assist the city manager in estimating revenues and expenditures for his proposed annual operating budget.

The city’s annual budget document has received the GFOA’s Distinguished Budget Presentation Award every year since fiscal year 2000-01. The comptroller and deputy comptroller also monitor departments’ spending during the year to make certain that the departments are within their appropriations.

Adopted Budgets

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The annual budget process includes the adoption of budgets for the:

  • General Fund, which includes the appropriation for most of the city departments, including the Board of Education
  • Capital Improvement Fund
    • The City Charter requires that the city include the amount of at least 2% of the prior year’s General Fund budget for the current year’s capital improvement budget (roughly $2.7 million).
  • City Consolidation District
    • The salary and benefits for the career firefighters who serve the CCD
  • Town Consolidation District
    • The relief fund contribution, tax abatements, and workers’ compensation costs for the volunteer firefighters who serve the TCD (East Great Plain, Laurel Hill, Occum, Taftville, and Yantic)
  • Norwich Public Utilities

Summary of Annual Budget Process

September - December

  • City manager and comptroller meet with member of City Council to discuss priorities for next fiscal year budget
  • Comptroller’s office sends out budget request instructions to operating departments and outside agencies
  • Department heads and outside agencies return their budget requests to comptroller’s office

January - February

  • City manager and comptroller meet with department heads and outside agencies to discuss their budget requests
  • Comptroller calculates revenue estimates for following fiscal year



  • First Monday in April - City manager presents proposed budget to City Council
  • Prior to Third Monday in April - Public Hearing on proposed budget


  • By 2nd Monday in May - Council tentatively adopts a budget
  • Prior to 3rd Monday in May - Public Hearing on Tentatively Adopted budget


  • By second Monday in June - City Council adopts a budget for following fiscal year