Current Projects

2017 Paving Program

Roads completed this year include Nordon Ave., Great Plains Rd., County Fair Rd., Traders Ct., Midway Pass, Colony Ct., Fairway, Settlers Dr., Jordan Dr., Village Ct. Hilltop Rd., the section of Wisconsin Ave. between Winnenden and Stott Ave, and Washington St. extension. Roads still to be completed this year include Golden St. (from Hickory to North Main), Oakridge St., Dillon Lane, Copper St., Silver St., Ore St., and Valley St.

Design for the Rehabilitation of the Sherman Street Bridges

The preliminary engineering is now nearly complete for the Sherman Street Bridge replacement project. Many people are unaware that there are actually two bridges at this Yantic River crossing - one conveys the main river channel (aka, the Canada Bridge) and the other, approximately 100 feet to the east of the Canada Bridge, conveys overflow water when the Yantic River rises.

The Preliminary Engineering Phase will culminate with a selection of bridge types for the replacement of both bridges. This will be followed by the design of the bridges, permitting and CTDOT approval.

Design for the Rehabilitation of the Sunnyside Street Bridge

The design for the rehabilitation of the historic Sunnyside Street Bridge in the Yantic Village is underway. The City's consulting engineer is developing detailed plans to repair the parapet walls that flank both sides of the bridge, improve pedestrian access, repair stone masonry sections, relocate overhead utilities, and resurface the road. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is funding 80% of the project cost through the Federal Local Bridge Program, which is administered by the State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT).

Rehabilitation of the Pleasant Street Bridge

The design for the rehabilitation of the Pleasant Street Bridge in Norwichtown is underway. The City's consulting engineer has completed the Preliminary Engineering phase, and a Public Informational meeting was held in late February. The consultant has advanced the Plans to the 90% level with advertising scheduled for this winter. The project will include replacing the bridge deck and the guide railing, and resurfacing the road. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is funding 80% of the project cost.

Taftville Playground

Phase I which included a small parking lot and a walking trail was completed in 2016. Phase II, which included a play equipment area was completed in the early summer of 2017. Future phases include a gazebo and a play area for younger children.

Rose Garden Ice Arena Roof Replacement

The flat roof portion of the Rose Garden Ice Arena was replaced in the spring of 2017. Some additional structural supports will be installed in September.

Route 97 Sidewalks

The first phase of the Route 97 sidewalks in Taftville was completed in the late summer. This work included sidewalks and granite curbing from The Hills at Riverview to North B Street. A second phase will continue south to Providence Street. The design for the second phase will begin this fall, and the work will be completed in the spring of 2018.

Dunham Street Reconstruction

The Public Works Dept. obtained a Local Transportation Capital Improvement Program (LOTCIP), grant for the reconstruction of Dunham Street. The CT Department of Transportation (CDOT) is currently reviewing the application to verify the scope of work. While the City is responsible for the design, the grant will cover 100% of the construction costs. The estimated value of this grant is $2.1M. The survey work has been completed and the City is awaiting formal approval from CDOT before beginning the design phase. A spring 2018 construction start is anticipated.

Downtown Traffic Improvements

The City is conducting a number of studies in the downtown area to determine traffic volumes, road safety data, future economic development planning and a comprehensive review of the downtown traffic patterns. The Public Works Department has applied for two grants to help expedite this process. Future improvements are anticipated to include returning current one-way streets to two way traffic, reducing pedestrian hazard areas, and improving traffic access through downtown by redesigning Franklin Square to accommodate two way traffic along Franklin Street all the way to Main Street.

(Updated September 2017)