Youth Employment/Training Opportunities

COOL Directions...A School to Career Youth Employment Program

Program Mission

To prepare youth by offering the a comprehensive array of services so that they are able to successfully transition to the workforce and compete for opportunities in the knowledge-based economy.

This program is designed for junior and senior High School students who are seeking to improve their futures.

  • Develop Work Readiness Skills
    • Resume writing
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Leadership Skills
    • Dress for Success
  • Career Exploration
    • Career assessment
    • Job shadowing
    • Internships
    • Summer Youth employment
  • Services
    • Basic Skills (Reading and Math)
    • Pathways to post-secondary education (college visits)
    • Financial Aid Guidance
    • Case Management
    • Transportation
  • Internship/Job Shadowing
    • Healthcare careers
    • Computer technology
    • Education
    • Criminal Justice
    • Labor Trades
    • Video/Digital Imaging

Space is limited and all applicants must meet Federal income guidelines to be eligible. To apply, contact Kate Milde at 860-823-3782 or

Summer Youth Employment Training Program


The Summer Youth Employment Training Program is designed to provide short term employment and long term employability skills for youth.


The goals of the program are:

  1. To provide work based learning opportunities for youth ages 14-21 for the purpose of developing and practicing positive work habits and gaining exposure to the world of work.
  2. To instill positive work habits that will contribute to their long term employability
  3. To reinforce work readiness skill development into Summer Youth Employment Training.

Participants work 15 to 25 hours per week for six weeks. They must meet mandated eligibility requirements based on income. An application process is completed which includes an interview to assess career goals. Applicants are then chosen based on their interest and enthusiasm for work, appropriate job assignments and vocational interest.

Please contact 860-823-3782 in early May to ascertain funding.