Leaf Collection

Curbside Leaf Collection

Curbside leaf collection occurs once per calendar year and typically begins in early November. Leaves must be placed in bags and left at the curbside. The city does not utilize vacuum trucks for this service so all leaves must be placed in bags. PLEASE DO NOT RAKE LEAVES INTO THE ROAD.

The strategy for determining which sections get collected first is based on the number of anticipated leaves. Highly urbanized areas such as downtown and Greeneville are typically scheduled first because these areas have the least amount of trees. Areas with heavy forestation are typically scheduled last to help ensure most of the leaves are down by the time collection occurs.



Leaves may always be brought free of charge to the Rogers Road Transfer Station during normal operating hours (at any time of the year).

2018 Bagged Leaf Collection Schedule

The Department of Public Works will pick up bagged leaves at curbside throughout the City of Norwich during regular working hours. Neighbors may combine their bagged leaves for larger pickups but the bags must be left in such a way as to assure rights-of-ways are not obstructed. Residents should also ensure that bagged leaves are placed a minimum of 10 feet away from household garbage bags.

Please have bagged leaves out at curbside according to the following schedule:

  • Nov. 12 West Side, Thamesville, East Great Plains, Norwichtown, & Plain Hill
  • Nov. 26 Greeneville, Mohegan Park, Central, Laurel Hill, East Side, Taftville, & Occum

Please do not rake or blow leaves onto any city street.

If you have any questions please contact Norwich Public Works at (860) 823-3799.